May 2010
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My first full week in Moldova was spent leveling dirt, and placing the first foundation bricks in Bubuieci, Moldova. My last weekend in Moldova was spent ministering a children’s outreach with around 200 kids (many of whom prayed to accept the Lord) in that same village. On Sunday we worshiped with the congregation [...]

Pennies from Heaven

Have you heard that song? Well, actually it was buttons, and they weren’t from Heaven, they were from the attic. The attic of a church in Nisporeni, Moldova. The team from Polson Montana and I had gone there to do some ministry this week. The work consisted of knocking down an [...]

The Familiar

As I spent the day with a ministry team from Polson Montana, I realized something. Moldova has become familiar to me. This morning we were driving from Chisinau to a small village about an hour away called Nisporeni. The team kept snapping pictures and asking the driver to slow down. They [...]

“Fifty Years…”

On Tuesday night I received a phone call from Missionary Andy Raatz. “Can you do me a favor?” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that question and it always comes with a new adventure. Once it was trying to find a hardware store that carried astroturf like you see on [...]

First Communion

This country is never boring. One thing that has been interesting is watching the Christian church take communion. It is a very holy ordinance. They do a good job of examining themselves before partaking. In Moldova, communion is only for baptized members of the church. They use one cup of [...]