April 2011
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International Ministry

On the Saturday before Easter, Donna and I were invited to lead an Easter hymn-sing at the ambassador’s home in Moldova. Around 50 people from the International community gathered to worship Christ and celebrate what He did for us. We are so thankful for opportunities like this to minister to English speakers living [...]

Advanced Notice

More often than not, I show up at church and I hear two questions from the pastor. 1) Do you have a song? 2) Do you have a “short message?” This week was special. The pastor called me early in the week and so I had advanced notice that I [...]

Ranger Training Update

After much prayer, our leadership team felt that we need to postpone launching Rangers in Moldova. We have lots of interest but we felt God’s will for us is to wait.

Soon Andy and Nancy will return home for a year of support raising. We too will be leaving this summer. This would [...]

Where have you been?

If you were to ask me where I’ve spent the bulk of my time lately, it would be making preparations for upcoming teams. We’ve made many trips to Leova in preparation for the first team, surveying the entire city.

We met with the mayor, the school administrators, and the orphanage director to see [...]