August 2019
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Donna’s school has a lot of exciting events coming up as they head towards the end of the school year. Recently they ministered a special song at the Easter service at the Ambassador’s home.

Last month the school took a field trip to see Vice President Biden speak in downtown Chisinau. There was special reserved space for Americans. Donna and the kids were ten feet away from the VP as he spoke to the crowd. It was a day the kids will remember for many years.

This month, the children will perform a Spring recital. It will include piano, voice, recorder, trumpet, and violin songs. They will also do several dance numbers. They have invited a local orphanage to attend the event. To make it fun for the kids, they will give away a gift to every child and they have also prepared two puppet plays that share the Gospel message with these orphans.

Also, the school has a field day and a recognition ceremony scheduled for later this month before the year comes to a close on May 31st.

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  • Kevin

    It’s not VP Biden that the kids will remember. It’s the love and care they received over the course of that year from you and Donna. They will forever speak highly of CATS as a way of speaking highly of the two of you. You are both blessings because you have been blessed. Thank you!

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