August 2019
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I haven’t seen my wife in days. Seriously, I haven’t. Sometimes she bites off a bit more than she can chew. I love that about her. She gets great ideas and runs with them. More often than not, she succeeds.

This is no exception. A woman who has been a missionary in Moldova for many years has befriended Donna. She has also taken special interest in the school. About a month ago the kids had an idea of how to recognize all of the teachers at CATS. They wanted to make them all quilts. A couple of weeks later, Donna is helping the kids to make their gift happen.

The kids traced their feet onto fabric and cut it out. They stitched the feet to 4 pieces of fabric. Then they embroidered their names below their feet. This is where their work ended and Donna’s begins. She and her friend have spent the last three days working to sew quilts to thank the teachers for their hard work this school year.

She’s tired. She sews all day and into the night. She is even sleeping at her friend’s home so that she doesn’t waste time commuting. I know what is keeping her going. The joy that these quilts will bring to the faces of each teacher.

(Update) The recognition service is over. Donna finished 2 of the 4 quilts in time. The teachers were surprised at the gift and were very grateful. Donna spent the next day and a half finishing the third quilt in time to give to the Science teacher. Just today she finished her own quilt. What a great final memory of two years of teaching missionary kids!

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