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My sister in law has a passion for unreached people groups. An unreached people group refers to any ethnic or linguistically distinct culture that has never heard the Gospel message of Christianity.

This weekend, I may have come as close as I ever will to an unreached people group. Pastor Sasha, the pastor of the church in Bubuieci, has a heart to plant new churches in nearby communities.

Recently, God has opened doors for him to start a church in the village of Humulesti. Humulesti can only be reached by car in the summer. The car must have 4 wheel drive or it will probably get stuck. Most of the people in this village have been there for their entire lives. Most have never been to the city of Chisinau even though it is less than ten miles away. Their only way to the city would be to walk several miles over a hill and catch a van from Bubuieci.

They are a self-sustaining people, living off of their gardens. They have no running water, but use a community well. There are about 400 people in the village. As far as we know there are no believers in this village.

There is a small one room school house where the church will meet. The mayor will let them hold services there for no rent in exchange for fixing up the school house. It has no windows, no doors. No heat. The team from Montana spent several days cleaning up the building, preparing it to be used as a church.

On Sunday afternoon, our team went with Pastor Sasha to begin ministering to the people of Humulesti. We had permission to drive through somebody’s field to get into the village. There are no roads leading out of Humulesti.

We went door to door, meeting the residents of the village. We brought food packets for those in need. We prayed with any who has requests. We invited them to our first service in Humulesti.

We had 18 people show up for church that day. While no-one accepted Christ that day, many came forward at the end for prayer. Mothers brought their children forward to be prayed for. Words of knowledge were spoken over these kids as the Lord enabled. The door is open for Pastor Sasha and people from the church in Bubuieci to begin weekly ministry in Humulesti.

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