August 2019
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I’m not quite sure how to start this blog post. It’s been a crazy month. As our MA term is quickly coming to an end, Donna and I have been praying about God’s next step for us. We have very much enjoyed our time in Moldova and know that there is so much more to do here.

Andy’s encouragement to me was to consider taking a step back, finding a church in the US and becoming a senior pastor. Learn how to be a good shepherd and then return to Moldova more equipped to help the pastors in this country.

We felt led to apply to a church in southern IL. It seemed perfect. With only 30 people, we couldn’t mess them up too much. :-) They had recently moved into an upgraded facility, and it had a parsonage! It was equal distance from both of our families. This must be God’s plan for us. So… we applied. But about a month later received a phone call that we were not their choice.

Unsure of what to do, we applied to five or six more senior pastor positions. None of them called us back or seemed very interested when we could call them.

Out of the blue, QSI, the school where I teach called me into their office. Even as a grown up, being summoned to the principal’s office causes a bit of unrest in my stomach. She shut the door and asked me if my wife had plans for next fall. She (of course) didn’t as all of her students will be moving away next year. I was informed that a teacher was leaving and that they would like Donna to apply for the position.

We prayed and felt a peace in applying. Then came several weeks of waiting. A week ago Monday the school called and wanted to meet with Donna in person. In this meeting she was offered and accepted a job teaching second grade!

What does this mean for us? First of all, it means God is not finished with us in Moldova! We knew this to be true, and are so excited at how He opened up an opportunity for us to stay longer!

Second, it means that starting this Fall, we will no longer need financial support to stay here. Our teaching positions will cover our living expenses.

Many things will be similar. I will continue to pastor the kids and music ministry at our church, International Christian Fellowship. I will also continue encouraging churches in the area of children’s ministry. My role with the Assembly of God World Missions team will change from being a “team member” to being a “volunteer.” Andy himself said “What better volunteers can we ask for than these two who have already worked with us for two years?”

We are excited about putting more time and effort into the International community. We hope to have a Bible study with interested teachers in our home.

Please pray for us as we transition into our new roles next Fall.

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