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Everyone needs a Maria

America has mother’s day and father’s day. Moldova has men’s and women’s day. As a “want to be but kidless” father, I appreciate that Moldova honors all men/women, including the childless.

Today, on men’s day, we had the opportunity to minister in music at a church in Nisporeni. This is the same village where I helped to tear down the ceiling two years ago. (The church where buttons fell out of the attic.) We traveled with a/g missionaries Troy and Heidi Darrin.

The church was planning a special outreach for all of the men in the village. They had a special gift (a shovel) for each man in attendance.

When we arrived at the church I was impressed by how beautiful the building was. They have a new ceiling, tore out a wall to make the sanctuary bigger, painted, laid tile. It looked really sharp and inviting.

By 5:30 the church was already almost full. By 6:00 when the event was to start, it was so packed that the aisle was filled with chairs and people stood three deep on the sides and back. We ministered some music in English and Romanian after which Troy preached a powerful Gospel message. Many raised their hands to accept Christ. Others came forward for prayer afterwards. We gave out over 50 Bible (thank you light for the lost!)

The most inspiring thing for me was to meet an elderly woman named Maria. She is in her 70’s but looks much older. The strain of living in complete poverty was evident by her wrinkled skin. But, she loves Jesus more than anyone I have ever met. We prayed for healing in her body as her back and knees were in pain. You would never know it by the smile she wore on her face.

When we finished praying for her, she opened a small hymn book and began to sing praise to God. There was passion in her voice. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could have recorded it to share with the world. It was a reminder that money does not bring happiness, nor do things. True happiness comes from the Father.

Everyone should have a Maria in their life to remind them of this.

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