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sad parishonerMihaiien Noi after the fireMy last blog post spoke of the month of ministry that was accomplished in northern Moldova with the help of the Convoy of Hope interns. One of the churches where we did some outreach was in a village named “Mihaiien Noi” We’ve had teams come in and help the church to build a nice building there.

We had sad news last week as we learned that the evening after their dedication service, the building burned down. There were sad, tired people at the church the next morning as they saw the remains of their building. But their sadness turned to determination as they began to rebuild.

I was able to spend some time helping them to get a roof back on the building. I think it was an encouragement to the congregation to have us come up and help with the reconstruction process. They were an encouragement to me as well.

I live in a country where Christians are the minority. We are the ones who are looked down upon for not being “orthodox.” In our Saturday children’s outreaches in Chisinau, we encourage the children to invite their friends. I have heard story after story of these children being picked on at school for inviting their friends to church. But, this doesn’t stop them.

One little girl gave a bible to a friend at school who was hurting and told her the words in this book will bring comfort. The book was well received until the little girl went home and her mother made her get rid of it. How do I answer the child that is discouraged by the reactions of others?

I can tell them that God is able to change hearts and lives. He is our comfort and our help. This is a lesson that the church in Mihaiien Noi has learned. It is a lesson the children in our outreach are beginning to learn. It is a lesson that God wants everyone to learn. So we preach, build relationships, build churches, build people, and sometimes re-build, until all of Moldova has heard.

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